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Compassion during COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for the entire world. For the past year and a half, most people have had to change their lifestyles and habits. Almost all industry sectors had to revise their functioning. Even the realm of psychology had to adapt to modern methods of practice. Teletherapy and online sessions are the new norms. Although these methods have their limitations and cannot replace in-person interactions, they still provide us with a means of socialising and seeking professional help.  

At Soulsphere too, we adapted our in-person events, workshops and therapy sessions to an online medium. Although we were sceptical about this transition earlier, we now recognise its worth and value. It allowed us to conduct various large-scale sessions and brought in the participation of not only national but also international clients. The multicultural and multiethnic diversity in our events raised its potential and helped us unite in such troubling times.  

Most of our events are now available from any part of the world! We follow the Indian Standard Time (IST) or UTC/GMT +5:30 hours. 

To provide a safe space for expression, relief, and healing, we started an initiative called the Soulsphere Sangha. These are small compassionate circle meetings that are held weekly. They are open to all and are free of cost. It is a space to come and share your experience, pain, joy and compassion with others. It helps you reconnect with people and build hope and resilience. 

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