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Therapeutics of Expressive Arts in
Buddhist Practices

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The course offers a hands-on approach that facilitates mindful movement, which is embedded in the contemplative engagement practices in Buddhism. Certain concepts and practices from Buddhism have been interwoven with the expressive arts and therapeutic movement model. The course includes select movement experiences and arts activities that have been inspired by Buddhist principles to enhance one’s internal awareness while strengthening the mind-body synchronicity.


Participants will recognize, acknowledge and express their thoughts and feelings through movement meditation and visual arts practices to attune to their kinaesthetic empathy and self-expression. Theoretical inputs and verbal reflection will intersperse the flow of body movements alongside other artistic expressions to examine the core beliefs and values of Buddhism.


Movement and art activities have been creatively adapted to the online portal. Participants can later regularly practice the offered experiences by integrating them into their daily life and work.


Open to all professionals, students as well as seekers looking to enrich their lives. The course may also help deepen your therapeutic presence and you may wish to bring this practice into your work with individuals and/or groups.

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