"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength"

Dr. Sigmund Freud


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PG Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy


What happens when we move?


Movement is one of the primary ways in which we express ourselves. It starts as we are forming in the womb and continues lifelong.

It allows the body to take over and express what we consciously do not process. The body stores all our experiences. Moving thus, allows these to surface and helps us process, release and heal various experiences.

The therapist here allows and helps not only in the process of expression, but also helps assess and make sense of experiences. This aids the overall emotional, social, physical and cognitive assimilation in the individual.

One does not need to be a 'dancer', skilled and trained in the various forms of dance all over the world. One merely needs to facilitate the process of eliciting movement which is innate and inherent in all our bodies to enable therapeutic benefits, either for the self or for others.

How will the PG Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy help?

The PG Diploma in Dance Movement Therapy is an in-depth study of theoretical and psychological approaches in DMT, process work, tools and techniques, ethical considerations, cultural sensitivity, understanding diverse populations, self-work, one-on-one work, skills development, group dynamics, movement analysis, research and documentation. Participants are also trained in facilitation skills, structuring of sessions and verbal processing. Ultimately the course will enable participants to facilitate movement therapy with adults and children with therapeutic needs.

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