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Abstract Liquid
The Chakra System & Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)
A Systemic Exploration of the Energy Centers in the Body using the Expressive Arts and Meditative & Movement Practices.

By Tripura Kashyap and Anubha Doshi, assisted by Karishma Harlalka

DMT practitioners have consistently explored new ways of layering their practice with fresh techniques and theoretical frameworks from co-existing disciplines to enhance the therapeutics of movement experiences. In this workshop, facilitators utilize specific movement activities from DMT alongside theory, voice work, psychotherapy, breath and meditation practice related to the 7 chakras or energy centres in our bodies. 

This experiential workshop helps participants develop an understanding of various aspects of the Chakras, their individual strengths and their effects on our body-mind continuum. Artwork and verbal reflection further deepen the overall experience and enhance our knowledge of how Chakra-DMT work can lead to harmony within ourselves, healing, balance and growth.

Join in the Chakra-dance! Experience its energies, rhythms, colours and qualities that contribute to our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

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