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Mindfulness-Based Counselling: Service

Dance Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy refers to the psychotherapeutic use of movement to facilitate emotional, mental as well as social and physical wellbeing and integration in an individual. 

It involves the use of movement and movement-based creative activities that can help the client express through the body what they may find difficult to express through words.

Dance Movement Therapy uses movement, either structured or free-flowing in creative ways to facilitate growth and change in an individual. The process can be used by itself or with certain aids like props or with other art modalities like visual art, drama, poetry and more.

Some of the benefits of Dance Movement Therapy include

- Reduced stress

- Enhanced mind-body connection and integration

- Increased social, emotional, cognitive and physical well-being.


It allows the client to communicate without words and reveals what is hidden or unconscious and allows the therapeutic process to effectively take place, specially where clients are unaware of or find it difficult to verbally express. 

At Soulsphere, we conduct one-on-one sessions, group sessions, trainings as well as workshops in Dance Movement Therapy.

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