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Therapists and Facilitators offering services at our Center

Anubha Doshi

Founder-Director - Soulsphere, Psychologist, Arts-Based Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

A Psychologist and Arts Based Therapist, Anubha completed her graduation in English Literature from the Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi. She is a double post graduate degree holder,  and a scholarship holder in Clinical Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune University. She also has a masters degree in Communication Management from the Symbiosis Institute of Communication Management.

She is an associate member of the ADTA (American Dance Therapy Association) and CID (International Dance Council) France. She is on the advisory board as well as training faculty of CMTAI and is the Editor of CMTAI’s online Indian Magazine of Dance/Movement therapy. She is on the Board of studies of the Psychology department, St. Miras College for Girls, Pune.

Her practice is unique as she explores the connection between DMT and Mindfulness, born out of her study of the Buddhist psychology at the Pune University. She pursued the Presence Oriented Psychotherapy under Just Being, furthering her work with Mindfulness. She is also working on a book which talks about developing spiritual, emotional and intelligence quotients in children from birth, alongside conducting parenting workshops at centers for children.

Her dream to have all the arts under one roof is what led her to establish Artsphere and Soulsphere, a unique arts and healing centre in Pune where performing arts and therapy co-exist under the same roof.


Mentors and Consultants

Artsphere is associated with therapists, mentors and trainers all across India. Contact us to find a therapist in your city.


Creative Movement Therapist, Co-founder Creative Movement Therapy Association of India

Dr. Margaret Lobo

Music Therapist, FRSA U.K.

Susan Bullough-Khare

Artist and Visual Art Therapist

Dr Jaya Rajagopalan

H.O.D Psychology, St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune

Anshuma Kshetrapal

Drama & Movement Therapist


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