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Yoga at Home

Wellness Workshops

Soulsphere conducts workshops and sessions in schools, other educational setups, corporate settings, NGOs as well as on the community level.


Corporate Workshops and Trainings

Our corporate workshops focus on using dance-movement therapy, visual art therapy, drama and play therapy and mindfulness based psychotherapy to cater to various areas like stress management, team building, leadership, innovation, employee engagement, corporate wellness, communication and much more.


Outreach programs for NGO's

Our outreach programs aim at achieving better self-awareness, relief from anxiety and other traumatic experiences, social communication, confidence building. Through art therapy, children receive therapy that is based on their existing strengths, weaknesses, interests, and concerns. It can help individuals of all ages and races.


We conduct workshops and long-term interventions in Expressive Art Therapy for schools and NGO's all across India

Remediation and Art Based Therapy for Children with Special Needs

Artsphere offers Arts based Therapy for all age groups. We offer healing through all art forms across all populations including those with special needs, psychological, emotional and physical issues. Art facilitates emotional release and brings about remediation and rehabilitation. The sessions for children are led by Mrs. Nandita Paul and Ms. Raksha Agarwal.



Project Reflect, an endeavor by creative arts psychotherapists, is a way to bring the arts into classrooms in a curriculum designed to enhance emotional intelligence and encourage empathy, inclusivity and sensitivity in young minds.

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Dance In Education

The art of integrating dance/movement into academics as a co-curricular activity.
It focuses on physical health and fitness, socio-cultural awareness, reinforcing educational concepts through movement and facilitates aesthetic understanding.

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