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Buddha Statue
Buddhist Practices & Therapeutic Movement

Dance Movement Therapy offers a hands-on approach that facilitates mindful movement, which is embedded in the contemplative engagement practices in Buddhism. The facilitators have extrapolated certain concepts from Buddhist Psychology and interwoven them to formulate a holistic movement therapy model. The session offers select movement experiences which have been inspired by Buddhist principles to enhance one’s internal awareness while strengthening the mind-body synchronicity.

Participants recognize, acknowledge and express their thoughts and feelings through movement meditation as well as attune to their kinesthetic empathy and self-expression. The flow of body movements are meshed with verbal reflection and theoretical inputs to examine certain core beliefs and values of Buddhism. Movement sequences address the four Brahmaviharas or Buddhist virtues: Loving-kindness (metta), Compassion (karuna), Sympathetic Joy (mudita), Equanimity (upekkha) in relation to leading more balanced lives.

Movement activities have been creatively adapted to the online portal and participants can later regularly practise them and integrate them into their daily routine.

The Four Limitless Ones

A short film that shares a few moments and learnings from the Buddhist Practices & Therapeutic Movement Workshop

(press the music button on the bottom right corner of the video  to

start the sound)

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