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Indian Contemplative Traditions through Expressive Arts Therapy: An Experiential Program

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The course offers a hands-on approach that incorporates mindful movement and arts-based experiences alongside meditative practices, interwoven with Indian Contemplative Traditions. It includes select movement experiences and visual art activities that have been inspired by Buddhist practices, Yoga, Chakra System and more, to enhance one’s internal awareness while strengthening the mind-body synchronicity.


Participants will recognize, acknowledge and express their thoughts and feelings through movement and art therapy to attune to their kinesthetic empathy and self-expression. Theoretical inputs and verbal reflection will intersperse the flow of body movement, alongside other artistic expressions, to dive into some of the core principles and philosophies associated with Buddhism and the Chakra System.


Open to all professionals, students as well as seekers looking to enrich their lives. The course will also help deepen one’s therapeutic presence and appropriate elements may be incorporated into one’s daily life and work with individuals and/or groups after suitable amount self-work and practice.

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