My Experiences with ‘My Body My Wisdom’

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

I remember calling Tripura ma'am two months ago to inquire about internships in Dance/ Movement Therapy (DMT). We shared a stimulating conversation about the current pandemic situation and discussed the future of DMT. Moreover, I was inquisitive about how she pioneered the DMT movement in India and continued to flood her with my questions. She patiently heard all of my questions and said, "Go read my book first, and then we'll see if you still have questions". I did what she told me to and promptly ordered her book. When it arrived, I saw a slim-looking book and thought I had received the wrong parcel. 'Surely the book has to be lengthier than this', I thought to myself. But, upon reading the first few chapters itself, I could gauge that this book has so much to offer.

I spent the next few days buried in the book, and even today, I keep coming back to the book, re-reading a chapter or two every now and then. My Body My Wisdom is a gospel for mental health professionals and creative movement therapy practitioners. It is the who, what, when, where, how of understanding the practice of DMT and may be used for planning and conducting sessions. It takes you through everything from the origin of DMT to the skills, space, music and props required to conduct a DMT session. The book stands out because it presents the theoretical frameworks of dance therapy while explaining it through the practical lens of Tripura madam's experience in DMT. Her accounts of DMT sessions for the specially-abled population and people with psychological disorders make for crucial case studies to observe and learn from. Through the book, the readers can begin to fathom the usefulness of DMT as an alternate mode of therapy.