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The Moving Circle

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

-Martha Graham.

Dancing serves as a beautiful and honest medium of communication. I always find myself dancing when I’m upset and can’t seem to understand the reasons behind it. Dance helps me process my emotions and gives me an unfiltered space. And I’m not talking about channeling negative emotions through a dance performance. My kind of cathartic dancing happens in my room, my safe space, where I move to my favourite music. Although dance has been therapeutic for me for years, I knew very little about the practice of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT). Therefore, when I heard about the Moving Circle, I found the perfect opportunity to experience DMT.

The Moving Circle is a safe space created by two mental health practitioners and budding dance therapists - Manisha Mahaldar and Srini Nelluri from the Post Graduate Diploma in DMT by St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune, Artsphere and the Arts Therapists CoLab. It is a brief workshop that provides an authentic introduction to dance therapy. The two therapists also take the participants through a soulful movement experience. The session combines music, art, movement, dance, thought-sharing, active listening, and empathy-building. It presents a multisensory experience to the participants. Manisha describes the Moving Circle as a place to -

"Pause. Reflect. Breathe. Nourish."

Srini further shares that they call these sessions a 'circle' because it is all about a group's collective involvement and participation. It is the place where -

"A group comes together and moves together."

We understand that it's not easy for participants to feel connected with a group via an online setup. And that's precisely where Manisha and Srini come in. Their knowledge of dance and movement therapy and their experience in conducting sessions with groups, help participants learn about each other, accept one another, and foster collective growth and compassion. The group activities promote a shared sense of well-being.

I'm a third-year psychology and dance student, so I was pretty familiar with the activities taking place in the Moving Circle. However, my father, who had also agreed to come for the session, did not know what to expect. He was just curious about dance therapy because his daughter had been harping on about it for a long time. Through Manisha and Srini's guidance, my dad was able to surrender to the circle, and he discovered something he had not in 50 years - that he could move and dance! And it helped him feel peaceful.

The Moving Circle does not ask you to step out of your comfort zone. It gently guides and assists you in a new practice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been overwhelming for most people around. It's not healthy to keep working without replenishing and taking care of yourself. Self-care is the need of the hour. The sessions also provide people with the social connection they have been missing. I know it's challenging to do this activity online, and people may complain about Zoom fatigue. However, I assure you that the Moving Circle session is a very different experience. The online barrier fades away when you are deeply involved in the activities. In fact, you get to move in your own space and are not being conscious of others looking at you or being too close to you. You are with a group but also alone in the comfort of your home.

3 things you can expect to experience from the Moving Circle sessions...

  1. Briefly learn about Dance-Movement therapy.

  2. Have a multisensory experience in a safe space with an accepting and loving group.

  3. Renew a feeling of connection with others around you.

3 things you should bring to the moving circle…

  1. An open heart and mind to try new things

  2. Curiosity to learn

  3. Dedicated time and patience to foster a sense of well-being

See you at the next session on the 23rd of May, 2021! Contact 9561720001 to register for FREE!

Love and peace,

Currently Interning at Soulsphere, Pune

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