The Moving Circle

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

-Martha Graham.

Dancing serves as a beautiful and honest medium of communication. I always find myself dancing when I’m upset and can’t seem to understand the reasons behind it. Dance helps me process my emotions and gives me an unfiltered space. And I’m not talking about channeling negative emotions through a dance performance. My kind of cathartic dancing happens in my room, my safe space, where I move to my favourite music. Although dance has been therapeutic for me for years, I knew very little about the practice of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT). Therefore, when I heard about the Moving Circle, I found the perfect opportunity to experience DMT.

The Moving Circle is a safe space created by two mental health practitioners and budding dance therapists - Manisha Mahaldar and Srini Nelluri from the Post Graduate Diploma in DMT by St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune, Artsphere and the Arts Therapists CoLab. It is a brief workshop that provides an authentic introduction to dance therapy. The two therapists also take the participants through a soulful movement experience. The session combines music, art, movement, dance, thought-sharing, active listening, and empathy-building. It presents a multisensory experience to the participants. Manisha describes the Moving Circle as a place to -

"Pause. Reflect. Breathe. Nourish."